VirtualRobot is a freeware software suite, in the sense that includes several programs, developed in C++ by DISA-UPV Robotics Group for robotics application, research and education, with a graphical representation based on OpenGL under Microsoft Windows (2k/NT/9x) operating systems. Its beginning, on 1998, was motivated by the need of a remote graphical application for programming, monitoring and simulating multi-robot cells on the control system GENERIS (Generalised Software Control System for Industrial Robots) developed by European Commission Joint Research Centre. Its open software architecture design allows, i.e., kinematics modules to be ported to GENERIS control system.

VirtualRobot Simulator (VRS)

(VRS) is the main platform for simulation, and includes some components (a set of adaptable Dynamic Link Libraries) and external applications (VRS ToolsVRM Tools and VRS Demos) as well as documentation.


VRS Demos

VRS includes several demos. To play them, you must run the Demos programs, placed in the File menu, option Demos, as shown in the figure:


Download program

Please, remove previous versions of VirtualRobot Simulator from your computer, download the following zip (or rar) file, unzip (or unrar) in your computer and execute the setup.exe file.

Download VRS 6.6 Beta version November 2004 (ZIP version, 65.713KB)

Download VRS 6.6 Beta version November 2004 (RAR version, 64.053KB)


Update VirtualRobot to VRS 6.7 (Nov2007):

After installation, download this VRS67 zip file and replace the three included files of the old version in:

-      VRS.exe in VirtualRobot directory

-      VRMEditor,exe in Applications\VRMTools directory 

-      Vreal.ini in Windows directory

If after installation, VRS is not working, probably you will require installing MFCs (as explained in readme.txt file).



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Please note file size

Industrial robots manipulators:

Arc Welding (3120Kb)

Spot Welding (932Kb)

Machine Load (596Kb)

Assembly Line (1608Kb)

Card Board Holing (596Kb)  

Bottle Packing (Compressed version) (1248Kb)

Heavy redundant robot Rialto-Gaer (35Mb)

Heavy redundant robot Rialto-APM (46Mb)

Wheel Assembly (101Mb)

Bottle Packing (Full version) (152Mb)

Letter Drilling (197Mb)


Mobile Robots:

Bike (268Kb)

Riv  (984Kb)

Nomad On a Maze (Compressed version) (1346Kb)

Mail Delivery (2166Kb)

Nomad (164Mb)

Nomad On a Maze (Full version) (78Mb)

Yair (33Mb)

Walking Robots:

Silo4 (824Kb)



FREESUB Research Training Network funded by the European Commission under the Human Potential Programme has decided to use VirtualRobot as the common software platform for Underwater Robot Simulation. In this way, a VirtualRobot Workshop was organized at the Joint Research Centre (Ispra) (see October 2003 Newsletter of the FREESUB network) and a work meeting on Simulator Integration was organized at Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, CEA (see February 2004 Newsletter of the FREESUB network). The following paper shows the use of VirtualRobot within the network.

  • M. Badica, F. Schramm, P. Gravez, P. Weiss & J.V. Catret.
    An architecture for supervising the telemanipulation of an IAUV-mounted robotic arm.
    International Carpathian Control Conference (ICCC), Zakopane, Poland.
    May, 2004.
    Paper (pdf), 210KB Poster (pdf), 547KB



An on-line English documentation (for VRS version 6.01) is now available.